Portraiture, once a manifestation of painters artistry, now a forgotten form of painting craftsmanship where in the art of compromise the painter sought for a diplomatic agreement between his internal creative imperative and the customer’s desires.


” To order a portrait is definitely an act of courage “


Lysa portrait

Lysa with her daughter

oil on canvas, 150 x 132 cm, 2013/2014 Singapore    /private collection/



oliwia 13 lat


        Olivia          oil on canvas, 160 x 130 cm, 2010      /Private collection/

oliwia fr






Peculiarity of the art of creating portraits lies in a dialogue between the artist deprived of creation privacy and a model who desires to see himself in the work of the painter. Subjective self-image worn by each of us stands in contradiction with the painters reflection, becoming a foundation of a conflict that is at the center of this art. Two distant images of the same person form a space between each other, in which the artist must respectfully refer to his model and to his own art.

Robert_Latos (3)

Gerard Chew     oil on canvas, 70 x 45 cm, 2014   /private collation/



Chokri III

Choki Ghezal       olej na desce, 65 x 65 cm, 2013  /kolekcja prywatna/


“Two different portrait of the same person, created in Peterborough during 2013/2014” “

Chokri 3

Choki Ghezal II      olej na płótnie,  2013  /kolekcja prywatna/


Me and Ju


 Julia       oil on canvas, 70 x 50 cm, 2014  Singapore

Julia w singapurze






Tahier and Hanning      oil on canvas, 100 x 134 cm, 2014 Singapore


TaH 2