– coming back to the past

The Renaissance Venice is the place Titian and Giorgione fell in love with, while what has emerged from admiration of their works is Robert Latoś’s painterly language. The artist, who likes to call himself a portraitist, uses old masters’ techniques to talk about 21st century.

J. oil on wood, 60,5 x 43 cm, 2013   Private collection


N. oil on canvas, 150 x 140 cm, 2013   Private collection

City of Water was an obvious direction for him. He decided to move to Venice and breathe the same air that inspired his masters in 16th. He devoted his time to working on technical aspects of use of colour, including studying the chromatic effects of Venetian sky and sea. These elements return in his paintings.


J. 2   oil on wood, 45 x 42 cm, 2013   Private collection






The past we have already deemed distant is still alive in Robert Latoś’s paintings… An opened sketchbook, a mug with maybe still warm coffee and rattan furniture are all attributes of a world which place on time axis is where the light from a laptop screen falls. We are watching it quietly, not quite able to determine where our place is.



Evening   oil on canvas, 182 x 182 cm, 2013



Evening   /fragment/



Evening   /fragment/



Natali   oil on canvas, 150 x 140 cm, 2013    Private collection






We are voyeurs and spectators at the same time, witnesses to moments stolen from the daily routine of the protagonists, in places and scenes in which everything is meticulously studied, and nothing is left to chance, as per the artist’s volition.

– As Sabiana Paoli emphasizes



Natali at sleep    oil on canvas, 61 x 91 cm, 2013 Cambridge



Sabiana Paoli Art Gallery,  Singapore 2013



River Cam  oil on wood, 130 x 100 cm, 2013 Cambridge



River Cam  /fragment/







Julia with N.    oil on canvas, 200 x 120 cm, 2013  Cambridge

Private collection



Julia with N.  /fragment/



Street   oil on canvas, 182 x 182 cm, 2013  Cambridge



Street  /fragment/