Young Model

1 model, 2 years of work, 5 paintings, 7 sketches



portrait K.  oil on canvas, 120 x 160 cm, 2019



portret K. / detail



Y. model 1   /fragment/



Y. model    oil on canvas, 200 x 140, Warsaw

Private collection



Y. model sketch 3   pen and ink, oil colours on cotton paper,  63 x 44 cm




Artist’s studio, Wilcza Street, Warsaw



Y. model 2   /fragment/



Y. model 2   oil on canvas, 200 x 140 cm, Warsaw



Y. model  sketch   pen and ink, oil colours, cotton paper, 63 x 44 cm, Warsaw






Y. model 3   /fragment/




Y. model 3   oil on canvas, 200 x 140 cm, Warsaw

Private Collection



Y. model 3 sketch   pen and ink, oil colours, cotton paper, Warsaw



Horse Thieves

oil on canvas, 190 x 160 cm, 2015


Koniki www


The final painting is a result of long studies on composition and colours which predetermine the meaning. The final meaning of the artwork is not always recognizable while working for the artist himself, but always felt.



Horse thieves    /fragment/








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sketch 4 / 9 steps /  pen, ink, oil coloure on cotton paper

Private collection



sketch “Horse Thieves” / step 1 /




Sketch 1     /fragment/



Sketch 2     pen and ink on paper, 28 x 24,5, 2016





Konie szkic 4 2www

Sketch  4   pen, ink, oil colour on cotton paper

Private Collection



konie portfolio



The Art Of Making Art

Text.  Prof. Mauro Pratesi,  Academy of Fine Art – Florence


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In the ever-changing world of contemporary art where one can more and more frequently chance on pieces that seem to have been created as a result of real research, works of a Polish painter Robert Latoś, who has been educated at the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, have an invigorating and old-fashioned touch. The charm of his paintings is astonishing, alluding to the legacy of the great Balthus.


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 7:00 a.m



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Painting as an activity is intrinsically an act of courage and faith, meaning that one believes in this field of art in its topicality, compatibility and relevance in the context of art trends, which nowadays change so fast that in some cases a conversation about painting is construed similarly to those about archeology or forgotten, outdated customs.



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8:32 a.m



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Therefore it may be surprising that a young artist approaches painting with creativity and refined lyricism, and that he develops his studies of the mysterious world of that elegant, rural gentleman – count Balthasar Kłossowski de Rola, known as Balthus. It is not easy, or simply it is exquisitely difficult to rival Balthus as a painter; Balthus, a great master whose painting does not inspire anybody to imitate or interpret it, apart from mediocre epigone devoid of artistic importance.



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