Robert Latoś

artist, painter – born in 1985 in Cracow, Poland

Studied at the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow in the studio of professor Jacek Waltoś. Feeling the urge to break out of the generally applicable canons of academic teaching and contemporary painting, he left the Academy to start an independent journey through places in Europe recognized as the cradle of great art. Venice, Madrid, Paris, to eventually stop for three years in Cambridge, England – a place where he challenged his experience through painting, to create original and mature works of art.

The artist creates an extremely rare and noble technique of glaze oil painting. The technique which requires skill, practice and profound understanding of color originates from 16th century Venice and has been mastered by artists like Rembrandt, Titian and Giovanni Bellini.

Individual exhibitions:

2007 – Approaching Balthus – Katarzyna Napiórkowska Art Gallery, Warsaw

2013 – Perceptions – Sabiana Paoli Art Gallery, Singapore

2015 – The multi-ethnic faces of Singapore – Sabiana Paoli Art Gallery, Singapore

2016 – The Art of Making Art – Warsaw Stock Exchange, Warsaw

2016 – The Art of Making Art – Quadrilion Gallery, Warsaw

2016 – Robert Latoś in Venice – Palazzo Ca Zanardi, Venice


“Robert draws from Balthus’ works in a way similar to that of Balthus when he was seeking inspiration in Piero della Francesca paintings, although he did not copy the old master’s works. This is why Robert Latoś seems similarly anachronistic: his beautiful paintings, technically excellent and full of content, are old-fashioned. At first glance, they seem unsettling when compared with today’s alleged avant-garde and artistic ferment it is causing – like Balthus’ works once did.”

Professor Mauro Pratesi,  Academy of Fine Arts in Florence



photo Kasia Krukowska