3rd September 2017





I’m working on a new collection of paintings and despite temptation I’m not going to share the results just now. It will no doubt take more time before I decide my paintings are ready and form a consistent artistic statement.

Giving oneself a large amount of time nowadays can be seen as nonchalant, but my paintings flourish on the time they are given.

with kind regards, Robert Latoś


8 October 2015


/horse thieves/


Studio photo

Studio /horse thieves/         oil on canvas, 190 x 160 cm, 2015


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9 August 2015




Ofelia na strone


oil on canvas, 90 x 85 cm, July/August 2015

12 June 2015


“Singapore Art Capital”

Art Republik 1


Art Republik 2 web

Art Republi3 web

  20th May 2015


   1 –  31 May 2015 Ca’Zanardi Palace Venice


JA Ca' Zanardi 1

Robert Latos in Venice

Venice – a city in which Robert Latos begun his painting journey. Old Masters of painting craftsmanship as Titian or Giorgione gave him to understand how to turn craft into art, a definition of painting so distant from the present, and yet so close to Robert Latos’s works.

Sixteenth-century Ca’ Zanardi Palace will be hosting a collection of Latos’s paintings, becoming a place of confrontation for the artists painterly searches with the city of his masters, in parallel with the 56th Venice Biennale.

The curators of the exhibition are the artist’s long-term art dealer –

Sabiana Paoli and the curator Nicoletta Bacino.

14 april 2015


April 2015
59 Mokotowska street, Warsaw Poland

“Robert draws from Balthus’ works in a way similar to that of Balthus when he was seeking inspira-tion in Piero della Francesca paintings, although he did not copy the old master’s works. This is why Robert Latoś seems similarly anachronistic: his beautiful paintings, technically excellent and full of content, are old-fashioned; at first glance they seem unsettling when compared with today’s alleged avant-garde and the artistic ferment it is causing – like Balthus’ works once did.”



“One may suppose that Robert have deliberately chosen such a niche to place himself in the very heart of painting; his works take place in that fraction of a second that separates the figures in paintings from the real world – that fraction of a second which makes the viewers feel they arrived either a bit early or a bit late.”



9 january 2015

„The Art of Making Art” The journey begins

The first part of the exhibition at the
Warsaw Stock Exchange Centre

relationship from opening

12 december 2014

From Louis Vuitton to Sabiana Paoli Art Gallery

Sabiana Paoli Art Gallery Singapore has emerged on the list of places recommended by “Louis Vuitton City Guides”.


Since 1998 the iconic, global brand introduces to it’s customers travel guidebooks updated with the most worth visiting cultural addresses.
This year series also included Singapore.

Louis Vuitton trendsetters draw attention to the creative approach of selling art, that distinguishes the gallery and the environment, that focuses around the place run by Sabiana Paoli. The charismatic Italian art dealer consistently expands and varies the Gallery’s operations of new forms of art presentation – happenings, artistic dinners or music recitals. The eventful year of 2014 closes with exhibition of works by Robert Latos “The multi-ethnic faces of Singapore”.

„Louis Vuitton City Guides” contents are replenished by a team of journalists, who continually seek for more and more intriguing places, that meet the expectations of brands customers.
The Guide is a subjective selection of five-star hotels, the most interesting restaurants, galleries and museums.